The Trick to a More Attractive Dating Profile Picture

The Trick to a more attractive dating profile picture is something I learned the hard way. It’s one of those things that you can’t quite believe you have done, until you are proven wrong by someone else.

I guess you could say that I did something that just about every man does: I took my girlfriend’s picture and made it my profile picture. In the back of my mind, I thought there must be some big difference. I mean, she looks so much better in her picture!

I know what you’re thinking: it doesn’t make sense that anyone would do this when looking for a new partner, but that’s exactly what I did with one of my girl’s profile pictures. How did I know she looked so much better than the average woman in photos?

When I sent my girl a message, I was literally floored that I sent her a guy’s picture. I figured that if it looked like her, she must be hot, right?

She had my photo and I knew she was hot! I wasn’t even half bad looking myself, but her photo looked so much better in it.

I was also very excited because my “photo” looked more handsome than the first time I saw it. I was like a fan who sees his favorite player get on the big stage at the big game. Who was I going to take home to meet my mom?

As it turns out, she had been trying to get back with me and just didn’t think we were compatible any more. She was seeing a guy and I found out what a great time I was having with him!

If you’re looking for the same results that I got, then you have to use some of the same tricks to get the hottest women in the room, even if they are better-looking than the “top-notch guys.” Here are some of the techniques I used to land a hot girl.

– When you’re sending your girl a message, ask her what her favorite colors are. Don’t simply tell her what you think she wants to hear. You have to be sure that what you’re saying really means something to her.

– When you get her on the phone, bring up something that really catches her attention with interesting answers. For example, “what’s it like to be with you?” This type of question gets her talking quickly.

– You can ask her how she feels about things by asking about her preferences. Ask her what she likes, and then ask her how she feels about it.

You can use these tricks to a more attractive dating profile picture too. These are just a few tips to getting a hotter profile picture.